VAPA is a non-profit organization registered in August 2009, with a mission to hold artistic and cultural activities aimed towards resolving social issues.

The idea of an association was perceived by the founders who are part of Lebanon’s active artistic scene and who, despite their past achievements, have struggled as performing and visual artists in a country where censorship takes over the freedom of expression and government support to artists is almost non-existent.

VAPA was first intended to, on one hand, provide network support and assistance to growing artists to help them promote their work, and on the other hand, improve the conditions of artists’ rights and freedom of speech in Lebanon.
During the planning process, it was evident, as it is to many who work with the civil society, that VAPA cannot work on the issues of artists neglecting the other sectors and actors in society. Therefore VAPA has adopted integrative and participative methods to resolve the problems in society by attempting to include local actors form different sectors in the planning, execution, and follow-up process of projects.

Following this reasoning, VAPA has decided to tackle social issues through art and culture instead of only solving problems related to art. It is upon this basis that VAPA has been built and operates to fulfill their mission.

VAPA (Visual & Performing Arts Association)

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    St. Louis Street Achrafieh Tel.: +9611326646
    Mob.: +9613466764


Past Events

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Support to the #YouStink activism!

On this day the country has witnessed a peaceful sit-in at the Ministry of Environment on behalf of many activists that are part of the collective #YouStink, that’s mission is to denounce Lebanon’s corruption and it’s main objective lately was to put pressure on the Lebanese government specifically the Minister of Interior and...

Sep 1, 2015, 9:09 PM
Fighting Oppression!

Lucien Bourjeily Co Founder of VAPA, actor and director (granted numerous nominations and artistic prizes) has been honored to represent Lebanon and the Middle East region today as Fellow at the 2015 prestigious ISPA congress in New York! VAPA SUPPORTS THE CAUSE “I AM CHARLIE”. In our mission statement it is mentioned that one of...

Jan 28, 2015, 2:56 PM
Gaza children need your support!

During their latest concert in Beirut Lebanon, Massive attack made a statement by denouncing the violence that people in Gaza are facing. Since the late war events took place in Gaza, people from all over started expressing their opinion and mostly compassion towards the children who sadly form the majority of this conflict’s victims....

Aug 1, 2014, 3:04 AM


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