Forward Music was established in 2001 as a music label that pools together the cooperative efforts of young artists from the Middle East. It aims to encourage new and creative trends in the musical arts, blending the various cultural currents that meet and interact in the Middle East in new fusions and fresh perspectives. It hopes to draw on the rich musical past of the Arab world and the array of contemporary influences to find new musical dialects. Forward Music is committed to making an authentic contribution to our ever-changing culture and to the growing global dialogue of World Music.

Forward Music has witnessed exponential growth since its early days and has now become a leading independent label that produces and distributes the work of more than 30 of the most respected artists in the region.

Forward Music has evolved organically to also become an artist representation and artist management firm as well as a leading provider of digital/physical distribution, marketing and promotion services to the regional World Music artists.

Their music is available on over 120 digital platforms worldwide.

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Forward Music

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    DRM building Sourati Street Hamra Tel.: +9611752201



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