“You only live once,” states Deedee. That’s why she lives with passion and sensuality. This is reflected in everything she does and everything she consumes, be it food, beverage or in human form.

This blog is about gastronomy in Lebanon (or Leboland, as she endearingly likes to call her country) and on other ‘planets’. She also writes about food she's had at friends’ or cooked herself.

Deedee doesn’t tolerate mediocrity, especially when it comes to gastronomy (in the full sense of the word… Google it). So, if Deedee goes somewhere and has a good experience, she’ll write about it commendably… BUT, if there’s something off, Deedee will definitely make sure to whip them into shape!

You only live once, or at least, it’s the only one you remember. So here’s to you enjoying life, eating with passion, drinking with thirst, and having a blast with this blog.

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