In 2003, Né.à Beyrouth was primarily a film production company aiming at participating actively in the rebirth of national cinema and better support of the flowering of new talent.

In 2008, the producers and directors behind the company decided to further develop to encompass other areas of production, from TVCs and corporate films to TV shows and music videos.

Today, Né.à Beyrouth is being anchored as a safe, rising company in the world of local, regional and international advertising.

  • Special Feature:
    Now on iTunes store: ..né.à Beyrouth’s presents a
    selection of short films from the Lebanese Film
    It’s the first time that Lebanese short films
    are distributed through this channel.
    The application contains 5 short films, including
    “Non Métrage Libanais”, which had been
    banned from distribution in Lebanon.
    5000 of “..né.à Beyrouth” DVDs were thus seized
    by the Authorities.
    Other films are: “Dans le sang” by Katia Jarjoura, “Notre
    Dame des Seins” by André Chammas, “La Cassette” by Marc
    Sayegh and “Demain 6h30” by Gilles Tarazi.

Né à Beyrouth

Addresses and Contacts

  • Tel.: +9611499606
    Mob.: +9613137649


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