Adonis is a musical project that came to life on the rooftop of an anonymous building in an anonymous Northern suburb, as a response to the glutinous swamp of silicone and mediocrity that is flooding the streets below. It was sparked by a desire to create fresh and bold variations on local musical themes, an effort to move away from the stagnant, the recurrent and the self-referential modern pop music recipes.

In July 2010, the project matured into a group of six young local musicians. Armed with a remarkably eclectic baggage of musical influences and cultural models, joined by the love for their musical identity and the desire to see it grow and evolve, Adonis became an amalgamate of festive tunes, beaming colors, folky beats, adolescent rebellion, playful arrangements and street nonchalance, creating a sound addictive in its simplicity, poignant in its honesty.

Inspired by the small town of the same name, Adonis feeds on the stories of its residents, their things and places, their hidden lives and taunting secrets, the dullness of their street lights and the flatness of their building facades. Adonis is where the ordinary hasn't yet been exotisized under intellectual pretenses, where kitsch belongs back to the world of gestures and effects, and where music is nothing but a simple celebration of the beauty and the magic of the everyday.

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