It’s time to rethink the state of human organization as it has come to evolve, obviously something is not working right, and obviously sociopolitical thought has been stuck in some sort of box, building on theories and philosophies handed down from antiquity. Basically it is a rethinking of the systems of power that govern our lives, contra politica.

This is an invitation to think outside the box about how we have come to organize ourselves in our human societies, and how things can be changed (or if they can be changed). Further, it is an attempt to build a model of how we may have progressed had we taken a different turn at one point in our progression from hunter gatherers to sedentary hierarchical organized groups.

An open mind is needed to contribute, what is meant by an open mind here is not necessarily one that is devoid of biases and prejudgments, no real mind is devoid of those. What is meant is a mind that is tolerant of differences of opinion, and open to discussing ideas that may seem “strange” or “alien”.

All aspects of human behavior and all forms of human culture are open for discussion (including the arts, religion, political and social structures, etc…)

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An End of the Year Post

A very personal post with some reflections on the year to put things in perspective… This was the year I lost my mother, and in a few days, I will have my first birthday on this earth without her.  Wisdom … Continue reading →

Dec 24, 2015, 11:40 AM
You’re Never Too Old to have Imaginary Friends!

Disclaimer (this is in no way a professional opinion-it is based on my own crazy musings- If anyone finds it necessary to call the guys in white coats on me after reading this, please read some of my other articles … Continue reading →

Sep 14, 2015, 4:29 PM
Tolerance is not Necessarily Respect

In a discussion with a friend on the subject of tolerance in a pluralistic society, the issue of respecting the “other’s” beliefs and convictions came up. My friend said: “I can tolerate them but I can’t respect them” and that was … Continue reading →

Sep 5, 2015, 2:55 PM


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