Bobolink is your most reliable Digital Marketing Solutions agent. They personalize a four-phase Digital Marketing plan (planning, creating, actualizing, evaluating) to guarantee the attainment of your list of corporate goals, at the top of which are excellent reputation and profit. Reach your target market momentarily, influence it to get immediate reactions (market research),
and -optionally- grant your target clients a forum to communicate and express.

Bobolink is your gateway to keep up with the new standards of promotional etiquette, they are the stepping stone to create exclusive and creative promotional arenas, automate and maximize your online presence, and build a wider and more active community of clients who are serious and loyal concerning your brands and services.

Bobolink is your collaborative agent, giving you an external evaluation and perspective on your promotional strategy, highlighting any existing or potential problems, and finding creative, cost-efficient, practical and timely solutions. They are your social media advisor and implementer as well as your brand ambassador.


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    El Arz Street Gemmayzeh Tel.: +9611567136
    Mob.: +9613909272


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