Hibr.me is an innovative youth-driven alternative media outlet that engages individuals, community organizations, schools, universities, and companies around Lebanon in building public awareness on critical social, economic, environmental and public-interest issues. Hibr.me does that by working to foster a strong sense of community engagement, critical observation and critical thinking, and independent content creation on critical issues. Hibr.me is totally independent of any political or sectarian group or movement, and is powered by young people in Lebanon between high school age and 30.

Hibr.me believes that everybody can be and should be a contributor to the media, and works to empower and support non-professional “citizen” journalists to contribute stories, information, ideas, and observations. Hibr.me also believes that the profession of journalism needs to be rejuvenated, with an increased emphasis on quality, analytic, and investigative public-interest reporting.

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    Charles Helou Avenue Saifi Tel.: +9611449515


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