LebanonPostcard is a site dedicated to all who want to have a souvenir gift from our country Lebanon!

LebanonPostcard is presenting postcards, greetings cards, art prints posters, dishes, DVD's, CD's, t-shirts, silk ties, Lebanese flags, pins, caps, books, watches, Lira banknotes, lithographs, handcrafted ceramic decorative products, wood souvenirs, art print by Khalil Gibran, diary and phone books, Phoenician antiquities, dolls in folk costume, table mats, lighters, frame picture, playing cards, stickers, pens, oriental pendants, electronic items, maps, magnet, illustrations, ceramic flowers, jewelery, mosaic boxes, postage stamps, scarves, towels, bead bracelets, painting reproductions, key-rings, lighters, candles, Holy products, bas-relief plates of tin, sculptures, carpets, thyme - all from Lebanon.


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