Destinators is a leading provider of high quality services in the business of international transportations. Proceeding from the client's needs and requirements, they handle cargo transportation according to the highest world standards.

With offices strategically located in Lebanon and the UAE, Destinators has grown to be an extensive freight-forwarding network, spanning the four corners of the world and delivering cargo "from port to port" and "from door to door". Their extensively trained team offers customers a wide spectrum of round-the-clock transportation solutions that range from international and domestic delivery, freight forwarding, logistics, warehousing, to registration and customs clearing.

Being a Comprehensive Transportation Solution Provider, Destinators can efficiently customize transportation solutions to perform the requirements of any special need. In fact, since 1994, they have been handling the transportation and installation of Libancell's reception towers and heavy machineries, as well as Libannet's satellite stations. In addition to shipping furniture and raw materials to and from different countries in the world, they also manage the shipment and delivery of all kinds of heavy materials anytime, anywhere; like Arabilco's Bulldozers and MEA's aircraft equipments, materials and spare parts. They also handle the shipments of boats from the USA and the UK to the GCC and the Middle East.

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    Mondays to Fridays from 8:00 till 16:00
    Saturdays from 8:00 till 13:00

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    Verdun 730 Verdun Tel.: +9611795000


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