Tekbir's first mission was to support hijab in Lebanon and to facilitate on the unveiled Muslim women to accept hijab and to see its advantages.
For that reason, they went to Turkey, and chose what suits the women from the best Tekbir, Olcay, Armagan etc..

Their collection has wide range of choices such as, Overcoat or jilbab, Abaya, Sets with trousers and skirts, Classic styles and sport styles, Night suits, Jilabiya or dishdasha, Sports wear, skirts, jackets, trousers, blouses, bodies, scarves in wide range of different styles and tastes and lingerie.

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    Ouzai Street Barbir Tel.: +9611666200
    Tel.: +9611646242

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do u have jilbobs ?

Dana Fakhoury on Feb 1, 2014 via web