Nobody taught Diana how to cook. She was born and raised in the states and she was always fed like a princess by her grandmother, mother and aunt who naturally knew how to whip up a feast (Jordanian origins may have something to do with that). They promised to teach her the art of cooking when she got married, however, they did not anticipate that she would be happily married in Lebanon.

Being so far away from the gifted ladies in her family, Diana learned on her own how to make a home cooked meal for hubby and her. Recipe after recipe, Diana discovered the gift of cooking is a trait that runs in the family and she loves being in the kitchen. So she decided to share her recipes for the newlyweds, for the ones who moved out and don't have the luxury of mom cooking for them, for the ones who need a quick recipe to fit in with their full-time job or full-time parenting.

Diana has something for everyone's cravings and she will make you come back for more.

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