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Ayyam Gallery Beirut is pleased to announce the forthcoming solo exhibition of Syrian artist Nihad Al Turk. Opening on May 5, Daily Myths will present a new series of works by the young painter.

Expanding the symbolist themes that dominated his previous canvases, Al Turk builds upon a complex system of symbols and imagery, one that is driven by anthropomorphic representations that speak of the inherent flaws of mankind.

Maintaining a philosophical standpoint, he frequently makes misshapen, unidentifiable characters or objects the focus of his compositions. With a cool palette of soft tones, Al Turk’s wraithlike paintings often offer meditations on the still-life form as comments on the state of humanity. Injecting these images with fervent allegory, they speak of a world where betrayal and isolation stand in contrast to life-sustaining elements such as fruit. These subjects reappear from one composition to another, reinstating their relevance as though suggesting the presence of a plagued existence.

Nihad Al Turk will be present on the opening day and during the first week of the exhibition


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