Ayyam Gallery's mission is to ensure that the Arab world's finest artists receive the international recognition they deserve through displaying and showcasing their works as part of exhibitions.

  • Operating Hours:
    Monday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 08:00 p.m.
  • Special Feature:
    Ayyam Gallery is located in Beirut, Damascus, Dubai and Cairo.

Ayyam Gallery

Addresses and Contacts

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    Beirut Tower Downtown Tel.: +9611374451
    Tel.: +9611374450


Articles & Media

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Melting Pot Exhibition Album on Jul 3, 2012
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Prix Pictet 'Growth' Album on Mar 8, 2012
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Past Events

'Untitled' Exhibition Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
'The Unseen' by Lara Zankoul at ... Exhibition (Photography, Art)
Urban Zoo Exhibition at Ayyam... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing, Sculpture)
Afterimage Exhibition at Ayyam... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing, Photography)
The Seat of Perception II... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
Depths Exhibition at Ayyam... Exhibition (Photography)
Against The Wall Exhibition at... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
Kais Salman 'Inner-Self'... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing, Art)
Melting Pot Exhibition Exhibition (Art)
If Walls Could Talk Exhibition (Art)
The Power of... Exhibition (Art)
Prix Pictet 'Growth' Exhibition (Photography)
Ammar Abd Rabbo "Coming Soon" Exhibition (Photography, Art)
The Person Within by Asma... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
Public Auction at Ayyam Gallery Market & Sale (Auction)
The Beirut Sale - Art From The... Exhibition (Painting & Drawing, Sculpture, Photography)
Daily Myths by Nihad Al Turk Exhibition (Painting & Drawing)
Young Collectors Auction -... Market & Sale (Auction)


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