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The Cervantes Institute of Beirut and the Spanish Embassy in collaboration with Audi Foundation present GRAFIKA, 30 Artists from the Young Spain.

Grafika. 30 Artists from the Young Spain is an exhibition of paintings, objects and various editions exploring the work of a diverse group of visual artists born in the 70’s and 80’s, and derived from different disciplines such as graffiti, painting, mural painting and illustration, who have appeared in the alternative urban culture.

What began as an alternative phenomena, anti-establishment and outside the law, has reached such an impact on the public and specialists that it has finally been assimilated by institutional spaces, and even by big multinational companies, with which some of the artists collaborate and for whom they design products.

The Cervantes Institute and Contemporánea have gathered for this occasion presenting fifty works on paper which purpose is to reveal the Spanish art of the new century. “Grafika" is, therefore, an essential guide to discover “firsthand” the individuals behind this global movement called "urban art" in Spain.

The exhibition is complemented by a documentary section consisting of books, magazines, memorabilia, t-shirts and objects made by these artists; some of
them designed for known brands. It also includes a large documentary with images of the artists in action.

The objective of this exhibition is to carry what is happening on the walls of the Spanish cities to other parts of the world, within the context of this global movement named "urban art".

Curated by Mario Martín Pareja, “Grafika” arrives in Beirut after Amman (Jordan), and will carry on roving in different centers of the Cervantes Institute during the year.


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