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9 Queens, The current unrestrained socio-political events taking place around the region, forces one to raise several hypothesizes. Is there an evident relationship between the sexes and power? Do Matriarchal systems offer less dictatorship regimes? Or is power an insinuation of what is known to be manly behavior?

Nine jackets, reinterpreting historical queens exhibit at Masrah Al Madina; question if whether our governments had been ruled by women would they have been dictatorship free. Yet also studies the sexual implications of power and their influences on character and gender.

Concept and design exhibition created by Moe Khadra, MOK is a stylistic experimentation of the jacket, forging an often subtle and sometimes violent mixture of traditional craftsmanship and modern tailoring. With each jacket, either paying tribute to its Queen or re-establishing her presence as the figurehead of an emerging movement.


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