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Pecha Kucha was created in Japan by the architectural agency Klein Dytham. PK is happening in 380 cities in the world and allows designers to meet and present their work in public. 20 images, 20 seconds each. 6min40sec of fame.

Pecha Kucha Beirut 10


- Hady Haydamous: Sustainable Transportation.
- Hibr: Ideas for Wowing a PK Audience
- Nadine Feghaly: Illustrator.
- Noel Nasr & Mary-Angela Willis: World Press Photo.
- Maajoun: Graphic & Type Design.
- AsILe: Artists Support and Impulse to Levant heritage.
- Wissam Kotait: Art Therapist.
- Hote Libanais: Sustainable Tourism.
- Nino Azzi: Director of Art Lounge & Lotus Loft-
- Laboratoire d'art: Cabriolet Film Festival
- Mashallah: Platform of Disoriented news.
- Rana Abou Rjeily: Cultural Connectives, a Book Bridging Arabic and Latin scripts.


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