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The Ghassan Kanafani Cultural Foundation (GKCF) was founded as a Lebanese NGO on July 8th 1974, on the second commemoration of the martyrdom of Ghassan Kanafani, author, journalist, artist and spokesman for the Palestinian people. The Foundation establishes and runs kindergartens and rehabilitation centers for children with disabilities in the Palestinian refugee camps and deprived areas of Lebanon. With a capacity for 700 children, the centers are located in Nahr Al Bared, Baddawi, Mar Elias, Bourj Barajneh, Ain Al Helweh and Rashidyeh.
This Calendar was created by Falak Shawwa in support of the GKCF. Falak Shawwa spent the past several years photographing children in the GKCF centers. Much of her work and exhibitions of the children in the refugee camps in Lebanon was in support of the foundation.


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