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'This play proves that theatre might not change the world, but can most certainly change our perception of it'.
Helen, a woman from the West, who takes part in a convention in a warm and maze-like city in the Middle East, loses a small necklace with white plastic pearls. In a crazy search, she looks for this humble and fragile object in the busy streets of the city. Nabil, a taxi driver, will be her guide and protector in this frantic ride. This is a delicate path of knowledge and awareness which highlights the urgent need to shift from the useless 'I' to the creative 'we', which is so absent from our time. By understanding another person who speaks in a different language and has a different perspective but experiences the same feelings of loss, loneliness and irreconcilable pain, we can alter our stereotypical views, confront our fears and doubts and come to terms with our personal losses.


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