Hisham Assaad is a multi-talented artist. He majored in Graphic Design at The American University of Science and Technology (AUST) in Achrafieh-Lebanon.

Hisham grew up in the United Arab Emirates until he was ten when he moved with his parents to Lebanon. Adapting in Lebanon was a tough job, but Hisham was able to do it, even after taking a long time.

Along with his elementary and secondary studies, Hisham has participated in lots of social and church-related activities. Later on, he started working in theatrical plays within the church next door. He has participated in around 5 major plays, taking a lead role and co-managing the whole work.

In addition to that, Hisham has a good voice and many artistic skills that he uses in several occasions.

Hisham is currently working at Sesobel as a graphic designer, and that didn’t stop him from participating in many social and church activities.

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