This independent Lebanese blog started at the time of the Arab Spring in 2011. Although it features ‘Lebanon’ in its name, ironically Lebanon is – from the few countries in the region – not experiencing a ‘Spring’ status at the moment. A certain spring started in 2005, but that’s another discussion.

Zak strongly believes in human values and freedom of speech – in a region where the ‘human value’ is so little; He dreams of civil democratic systems prevailing in Lebanon, the Arab World, and the Middle East. So this blog is his free space, and he hopes it can be yours.

The blog is a series of posts, which are more than ‘casual tweets’ on the news, and less than ‘serious pamphlets’ on them. The blog will discuss general daily and current political in the Middle East with a focus on Lebanon. As they say a photo speaks a 1000 words, Zak posts a daily political caricature, and occasionally photos/videos if they have any political relevance.

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