After 30 years, Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal is still the most comprehensive source of information on pan-Arab business and economy, delivering relevant, in-depth and timely coverage of the news you can use.

Decision-makers, industry experts and entrepreneurs from the most vital sectors of Arab regional economies rely it on for coverage of: regional economy news by country; IT and telecommunications; tourism; banking and finance; investment; insurance; interviews with industry leaders and public officials; profiles of new businesses; event coverage and more.

Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal publishes special issues and supplements to coincide with the conferences the Group organizes such as the Arab Investment and Capital Markets Conference, the Arab Telecom and Internet Economy Conference, the Saudi-Lebanese Forum, the German Arab Economic Forum, and the Algeria International Investment Forum and more.

Al-Iktissad Wal-Aamal

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    Alfred Nobel Street Hamra Tel.: +9611780200



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