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Beirut.com 14 Feb 2012

Love at Le Gray

Bar ThreeSixty
Champagne cocktails strawberries and chocolate – live entertainment on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays… and it’s Singles’ Night on Tuesday 14th.
Reservations: 01 962 888

Indigo on the Roof
French Bouillabaisse for lunch and dinner, chef’s specialty of the month – Romantic dinner on Tuesday 14th with fabulous 4-course menu and special entertainment – wonderful Sunday Lunches with latest edition of sushi on the menu.
Reservations: 01 972 000

Cherry on the Rooftop
Why not reveal your love or propose in a setting of your own!
Reservations: 01 972 000

Cigar Lounge
It’s “Romeo and Juliet” month – match it with your favorite Cognac or Armagnac.
Reservations: 01 972 000

Gordon’s Café
In February, share with your loved one our cocktails and our chocolate fondues throughout the month.
Reservations: 01 962 862