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Beirut.com 13 Jul 2012

The Beirut 48 Hour Film Project

Guests found out below who made the best 48 Hour Film in Beirut. 18 teams made it on time, the judges selected the 10 best films, and ultimately screened the best one.

Prize for the winning film
The Beirut Best Film will be screened at the 48HFP Filmapalooza which will be held in Hollywood for the first time. The winner receives $3000 cash, film-making equipment, the Grand Prize Trophy, and will go to the the 2013 Cannes films festival.

The Top 10 Films of the 2012 Beirut 48 Hour Film Project
“Painted Black” by Arkham (Musical or Western)
“Bank Black Presents” by Daraj (Mockumentary)
“Beirut Memories” by El Lah Lah Lah (Vacation or Holiday Film)
“Mdayya3 chi?” by the pantaloons (Road Movie)
“Special Revenge” by On Time (Musical or Western)
“Barrad may” by Salata (Mockumentary)
“Memory of Ash” by the A Team (Drama)
“Domestic Silence” by Time Capsule (Film de Femme)
“Gloria and Paul” by Yellow Taste (Romance)
“Shachad wa Sheytan” by Opaque Water (Fantasy)