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Beirut.com 21 Aug 2012

Caprice Washes Ashore on the Lebanese Mediterranean

Much like its name suggests, Caprice is a place designed freely and is unrestricted by any specific rules or form. Whether you’re in search for a boozy meal with a view or just a few drinks for the party before your party, Caprice satisfies even the ever indecisive. Developed from a need for a lounge/bar near our favorite nightclub, Caprice is an invitation for nightlife lovers to experience the pleasure of drinking and mingling before midnight.
From its location on the Jal El Dib seaside road, this outdoor space is where you want to be starting your night before heading off to a club. Caprice welcomes guests to a thoroughly eclectic milieu. The striking contrast between the natural elements of the sea and shore with the pink whimsy of the interior is what makes Caprice, well, capricious. You push open the doors and feast your eyes on a mélange of classical yet funky influences in a bold accentuated design. The place looks contemporary, even raw at times, but also has a whimsical charm, a balance not very many places can strike.
“With Caprice, we wanted to design a space that was soft and whimsical yet embraced the natural elements of its surroundings. The vibe we’re trying to create is not necessarily one of relaxation but rather a pre-party. A place where people go to get thoroughly warmed up for a long night ahead” says Suzy Nasr, Interior Architect and Owner of Caprice.
Caprice is the kind of lounge where contrasts and contradictions magically come together. Its atmosphere blends both authentic and fresh elements. Its menu is a fusion between Asian tapas and light bites and lethal cocktails with herbs, fresh fruits and exotic ingredients. Just like a fickle music lover, Caprice will entertain guests with a wide variety of music to satisfy every whim, every taste, and every mood.
The peckish will love Caprice because they can order a light bite and enjoy a stunning view. The pre-partiers will love it because they can get just the right amount of loose before hitting the clubs. With Caprice, Nasr has crafted a concept that perfectly matches today’s unpredictable yet picky generation: a lounge bar that can be enjoyed by the dreamers, the daring, the thinkers, the hard-headed and everybody in between. In short, Caprice has something for everyone.