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Reina El Turk 31 Aug 2012

The Smoking Ban Backlash

With the smoking ban set to go into effect on September 3, there’s been a predictable backlash from critics over whether Law 174 is going to do more harm than good in Lebanon.

A recent article in NOW Lebanon confirms what I was already thinking: that these claims flying around social media about 2600 jobs potentially lost due to the smoking ban are totally bogus.

According to reporter Matt Nash, the study conducted by Ernst & Young claiming 2600 jobs will be lost, “bases those numbers on an opinion survey of syndicate members giving their guess of how they think the ban will impact their business.” Read: it’s not a legit study.

As a smoker myself, I’m not thrilled about having to enjoy my drink without my puffy stick, but I also understand the need for an anti-smoking law to be established in Lebanon. And I have to admit, it will be nice to come home after a night out without reeking of cigarettes.