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Angie Nassar 04 Sep 2012

Black Lips Middle East Tour Dates Set

This fall starts with a bang: the Black Lips are officially scheduled to perform in Beirut on October 6.

Dubbed the “Super Tour,” the American garage-rock band is set to perform across the Middle East, in Cyprus, Egypt, Jordan, the Emirates and Lebanon.

Back in 2009, the band stirred controversy when it was chased out of India by the police after guitarist Cole Alexander “stripped his clothes off, dove into the crowd, then got back onstage and made out with another band member,” according to popular music website Pitchfork.

And here’s some more cool news: local alternative rock favorites Lazzy Lung will be supporting the Black Lips on their regional tour. Lead vocalist Allan Chaaroui tells Beirut.com that “touring with one of the funnest bands and showing what the Middle East is really made of is super exciting for us.”

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