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Angie Nassar 06 Sep 2012

Mashrou3 Leila: Artistic Suicide Bombers?

Preeminent Lebanese blogger BeirutSpring responded on his blog today to Mashrou3 Leila’s decision to bow down to pressure from fans and activists and cancel their performance as the opening act for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

And he used some strong language to get the point across (a man after my own heart):

“I think Mashrou3 Leila have just gotten the honor of becoming the region’s first artistic suicide bombers. They have successfully, and spectacularly, killed off their own career for a dubious cause…

And the worst part? They may not be true believers in the cause. They may have done this simply because many of their fans have aggressively asked them on Facebook to die for them. Meanwhile, thousands of Lebanese will still attend Red Hot Chili Pepper‘s concert, and Israel won’t feel a thing.

You know what’s the only thing worse than a suicide bomber? It’s a dumb suicide bomber who dies for nothing.”

I don’t think the members of Leila have “killed” their careers, but BeirutSpring has a point.

Remember kids, don’t give in to pear pressure, yes pear.