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Beirut.com 13 Dec 2012

Launching of The Hobb Collection by Dina Kamal

The HOBB Series was initiated by a commission to design a jewelry piece inspired by Islamic art and calligraphy; as the ʻcircleʼ is the starting point of all Islamic patterns, including calligraphy, it was the main shape assumed for all pieces. The ʻcircleʼ is referenced as a symbol of oneness, unity, and the infinite. The chosen word is ʻHOBBʼ, the Arabic word for Love. After the initial commissioned piece, a small series of Pendants, cufflinks, and rings was then developed.The rings and cufflinks are inscribed with HOBB in Arabic Kufic font. The pendants are inscribed with HOBB on front side and house a mirror on the other side.

All pieces are 18K textured gold, some with brilliant cut diamonds, all handmade by the most skilled goldsmiths and stone setters.