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Kanzi Kamel 04 Jan 2013

The Angry Monkey Ads Stir Controversy

Now we all can appreciate a witty advertisement. Even if it’s a little offensive, a good quip can usually dispel any negative feelings.

But ads that use crass photos and degrade women without it even being relevant to the product? That makes us want to shove these guys’s sexist ads down their throats and watch them choke on their crappy marketing skills.

A Facebook user posted a complaint about the advertisements on Facebook yesterday. “The people over at The Angry Monkey use extremely offensive and sexist images and captions to promote their establishment,” he wrote. “This kind of behavior should not be tolerated.”

The comments that followed were mostly in support of his statement, with the exception of the one “but… boobs” by stray commentor.

Well, if the advertisement were of a strip club, I wouldn’t be complaining. But to so blatantly exploit women to sell food? The images barely even show the food itself, instead overshadowed by the low cut shirts and C-cup shameless women.

Really, The Angry Monkey. We thought you were classier than that.

(Photo via Facebook)