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Angie Nassar 19 Feb 2013

Syrian Soldiers Dance to Usher in Bizarre Video

Considering that the United Nations last month said that more than 60,000 people have been killed during the nearly two-year uprising against President Bashar Al-Assad, f*ck everything about this video.

In it, Syrian soldiers manage to take a break from the brutal bloodshed to cheerfully sing and dance along to American pop star Usher’s hit 2012 song, “Yeah.”

The Washington Post reports that the video, taped somewhere in southern Syria, appears to be authentic.

Also: Usher.
Really… Usher?

The superficial production and staunchly simplistic lyrics alone are designed to appeal to the IQ of a dirty toothbrush. Seriously, you guys would have been better off lip-synching to a Nickleback song. At least then I could have sent it to my mom.

Not cool, insensitive foot-soldiers of the authoritarian regime. Just. Not. Cool.