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Beirut.com 15 Mar 2013

Top Five Favorite Fakkir Toys

Everyone had a favorite toy growing up. Mine was my bright blue sparkly Skip It, which I proudly mastered at the ripe age of 8. Not to brag or anything, but seriously, I was the Skip It neighborhood champion.

Now that we’re old and decrepit and children born in 2000 are teenagers (think about that for a second), it’s time to pass on the traditional torch of childhood to the younger, more annoying generation. And what better way to to that than with old-school toys?

With new and vintage beauties brought to you by Fakkir Toys, you can introduce your nephew, niece, cousin or child to the stuff that really made your childhood complete.

I wonder if they sell Skip Its…

1. Two Player Magnet Fishing Game, 14,000 LL

2. Numbers and Colors, 9,000 LL

3. Hello Kitty Fan, 10,000 LL

4. Toy Caterpillar, 1,500 LL

(Photo via @joystoner93

5. The Alphabet Train, 25,000 LL