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Lojine Kamel 10 May 2013

Maki Chef Louis Kenji Huang Wins Gold in Horeca 2013

After sweeping the floor at Horeca Kuwait 2013—winning bronze, silver AND gold medals—Maki celebrated their success last week with a media dinner at their Beirut branch.

With master chef Kenji Huang on hand, the media dinner kicked off to a start with the introduction of several new dishes that were a break from Maki’s traditional menu. Featuring such items as grilled chicken and quinoa, the evening provided guests with a rather unorthodox selection of courses, proving Maki’s indisputable fusion versatility.

Not one to bar classics, the media was also welcome to a huge plate of a variety of Maki’s sushi creations as well as signature desserts from their ample sweet collection.

Yet the highlight of the evening wasn’t the plethora of pictures or mouthwatering selection of food—though that one might be debatable—it was the presence of Chef Kenji Huang that won over the crowd. Making rounds at each table, the chef stopped for photos and asked opinions about each meal, receiving several variations of “it was awesome” throughout the evening. And with Maki, it’s always awesome.