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Myriam Dalal 23 Jul 2013

Minutes Old Triplets Die Over Lack of Hospital Incubators

Just this morning we brought you 10 shameless stories from the year so far, and sadly, we have number eleven for you.

Warning: this video is extremely graphic. Some viewers may find the footage disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

Abdallah, Ahmad and Fatme are the names of the three babies that died minutes after their delivery on Thursday at Zgharta’s medical hospital.

The triplets’ mother has been scheduled for delivery by her Doctor identified as S.M the day before in the Philanthropic Islamic hospital in Tripoli. The mother was seven months pregnant.

“He came to the hospital the next morning while we were waiting for him. He found out there’s no incubators provided at the hospital, and right after that he left us hanging there saying go look for a hospital somewhere else, I don’t hold responsibility of this anymore.” The triplets’ grandmother told Aljadeed.

The doctor then refused to help the family get to a new hospital that he would recommend: “ he wouldn’t answer his cell phone anymore” the grandmother added.

The family kept looking for a hospital that could accept them and the hospital’s rejection stories went on from seven am to one in the afternoon; that’s when they got to Zgharta’s medical hospital where one of the doctors volunteered to deliver the pregnant mother.

The babies were declared dead moments after their delivery. They weighed 250g, 350g and 450g.

“They were in good shape, had a normal pulse and S.M said they weighed each 900g the day before the delivery.” the grandmother concludes.

Beirut.com learned about the story through Ahmad Wehbi’s Facebook status update on Thursday

The status says : ” Around 11 in the morning on Thursday(today),someone called the television station.

This someone’s wife is giving birth and they’re in the emergency room and there isn’t any place for them to stay although he confirmed that he doesn’t have a problem with paying them money.

We spoke to the health ministry and they called that man back on his phone and told him that they’ll call back in a few.
An hour later, the man calls me back and said the ministry didn’t call him back and my wife’s uterus has expanded by six centimeters already and I’m still waiting. So I told him that I’ll have to check that back.

Less than half an hour later, the triplets’ dad called me back with a shivering voice saying that the triplets are dead and the doctor didn’t show up yet.”