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Myriam Dalal 01 Aug 2013

Nabih Berri Fans Campaign for the Guinness Book of Records

The Nabih Berri Forever website says it all.

Apparently, some very loyal fans and supporters of the Speaker of Lebanese Parliament, who has held his position for 21 years, are trying to contact Guinness World Records to name Mr. Nabih Berri as the current longest ruling Arab national leader.

This guy may even have a fair chance now that his fellow competitors have been killed, jailed or have stepped down following the Arab uprisings across the region.

Mr. Berri was elected speaker of Lebanese Parliament on Tuesday, November 20, 1992. Since, he has been reelected five consecutive times, for terms of four years. He has therefore held his position for 7828 days in a row.

If this turns out to be true and is not intended ironically, this would sure top the proud Lebanese world record list of tabbouleh, hommos, and lemonade.

Make us proud Isteez.