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Beirut.com 14 Feb 2014

Renault Recommends: The Most Romantic Weekend Getaways in Lebanon

I personally prefer Christmas over Valentine’s Day. Everyone loves everyone (if only for a while), food isn’t limited to a box of expensive chocolates you feel too guilty to eat (not because of the calories, but because of the price), and your gifts are not red teddy bears elegantly-trying-but-failing to fit into an awkward pink box.

Now that my imaginary cat can lay off my back for writing an article about Valentine’s Day (she thinks it’s too mushy), there are some beautiful places that would serve as the perfect romantic getaway for you and your loved one.

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Take a stroll through the gorgeous gardens of Arnaoon Village and dine in the elegant indoor restaurant overlooking the historic Msaylha Fortress along the Batroun Highway. For the perfect beach-and-bonfire kind of night, head toPierre & Friends. Be sure to bring a blanket or two (love isn’t enough, it’s pretty cold down there) and matches to light your fire. Roast some marshmallow, cuddle up to a view of the Mediterranean and enjoy the striking moon from your cozy spot by the beach.


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Reasons why you should drive up to Ehden for the weekend:
1. It is the most beautiful place in Lebanon.
2. The food at Al-Ferdaws is exceptional. (Their cheese has an exquisite freshness and their olives are simply glorious. You could eat the appetizers alone and still leave the place feeling like you have conquered the world).
3. The ride to Ehden is fantastic – you drive through half of Lebanon and the mountainous roads, even from the car windows, offer incredibly scenic, panoramic views.


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Another exciting place to road trip your way to is Bcharreh. Nothing is more fun than hiking or hopping on an ATV all day and then drinking down sunset with a mug of warm cocoa in the middle of a white wonderland. If you stay there overnight, shooting stars are guaranteed, and pubs are found at almost every corner.

Last but not least, the people from Bcharreh are not only awesomely friendly, but also have the coolest accents ever (Bch’a’reh to them becomes Bch’or’eh).


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If dining underneath the twinkling lights of Byblos with a view overlooking the Crusader Castle isn’t the most romantic thing ever, then I don’t know what is. Try Locanda, located in the midst of Lebanon’s most beautiful city. We give it high marks for food, ambiance and splendor. It has a graceful fusion of high-class modernity with the ancient touch of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world.

Simply, ‘tis the place to be.

Deir El Amar

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Lebanon – and Beirut especially – puts residents (and visitors alike) in a state of constant audio-sensory overload. Sometimes you just need to get away from all the noise! THIS. Head to Beiteddine, and after exploring the 19th Century palace built by Emir Bashir Shihab II, head for an overnight stay at the Mir Amin Palace. It’s better than purchasing thousands of dollars worth of sound-proof walls, it’s a magical escape into a place where you can actually hear yourself think. And that is a precious, precious thing in this country.


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This is really the perfect time of year to head to Faraya. Hit the slopes while we still have some snow to go around, and then treat yourself to a luxurious stay at the Intercontinental Mzaar, a five-star hotel with a fitness center, spa, game room for the kids and even a private ski slope right behind the resort. It’s a real paradise.

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