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Omar Al Fil 03 Mar 2014

Pop the Question in Style with Just Say Yes

Looking to pop the question to your significant other; but with a little something extra? If you’re out to impress, you’ll probably want to set up some grand stunt or spectacle for your marriage proposal. But who can you turn to to help you orchestrate such a thing? Look no further than Just Say Yes.


Just Say Yes is a new business venture dedicated to planning and executing special wedding proposals. The team consists of founder Rami Mouallem, co-founder Nivine Nassar, art director Rozy Mouallem and PR person Messrine Mitri, who come from backgrounds ranging from graffiti to advertising to fashion design. After taking part in organizing two wedding proposals, Rami soon realized that he had a knack for executing them, having both the skill and necessary connections. Soon enough, Just Say Yes was born.

The first proposal Rami was involved in took place at a construction site where he was working as an architect. The lucky lady was told to come down to the site immediately because a huge crisis had occurred. She arrived to the sight of a major catastrophe, but then all of a sudden her boyfriend comes out and pops the question right in the middle of the mock disaster scene, with their friends disguised as builders present as well.

The second was documented in the video above and involved the creation of a 10 meter graffiti mural on the side of a highway. The skillfully painted mural read “Pia, Will You Marry Me?” As soon as the couple showed up, the boyfriend got down on one knee and whipped out the ring.

Just Say Yes are involved with various aspects of the proposals, from organizing them, to acquiring all the needed items and materials, appropriate permits if needed as well documenting them on video. The team is looking to expand and open an office in Dubai and sees collaborations with jewelry designers and wedding planners in their future.

For more on Just Say Yes and their exploits visit their Facebook page