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Christina Fakhry 12 Mar 2014

Five Lebanese Fashion Trends that Need to End

Ladies, you know how sometimes you just need a friend to tell you if what you’re wearing looks good or not? Just because an item is trendy doesn’t mean it looks amazing on everyone. This is one of those times.

So consider this a fashion intervention because these are the trends that have been over seen, over worn, overdone and are now OVER. Here are some fashion trends to avoid this season (and probably every season).

1. Wedge Sneakers: Ugly Chic

(Photo via media4.onsugar.com)

This trend has been lavishly played out over the past two years to the point where I cannot bear to see a pair of these on the street any longer. French designer Isabel Marant is the woman you can thank for this fad, which has spurred a number of knock-off designs from footwear labels like Ash and Steve Madden. What’s so fascinating about a pair of sneakers with an identity crisis? I understand them being comfy and all, but why actually bother when the average sports shoe (read: your dirty Converse from 2007) can make daily life much more tolerable versus, say, high heels? On another note, wedge sneakers do not make you look taller; they just make you look disproportionately weird.

2. Leggings Wannabe Pants

(Photo via 3.bp.blogspot.com)

If you’ve been to Lebanon for only a day in your entire life, then by no means are you surprised to see leggings on this list. Listen to me: leggings are NOT pants. Some are decent enough to be worn as pants, but don’t fool yourself. They are not pants. There are two main issues here: one has to do with the nature of the legging, specifically, when the fabric is not opaque enough to cover your underwear effectively; the other issue is the kind of top you choose to wear with this type of legging. Basically, if the top does not cover your bum, you’ve got problems.

3. Dip-DIE

(Photo via 28.media.tumblr.com)

Dip-dye might have been cool at first, but now that half the Lebanese population has colored the ends of their hair, the best we can do is move on. The problem here does not lie in the trend itself (especially when there’s only minimal color contrast); it’s the fact that it has become so cliché that makes it unbearable (if not tasteless). Now if you already have dip-dye locks, I’m not saying you should get rid of them. But, if you’re planning on changing your hairstyle anytime soon, go for something less overdone.

4. Correct the Crop Top Trend

(Photo via fashionplusfacts and pinimg.com )

There’s nothing technically wrong with crop tops when paired with high waist bottoms (a pencil skirt for instance). However, girls need to know that crop tops and low-waist bottoms are a failed combination. This not only tends to alter body proportion, but also drags your level of class to an all-time low. I don’t get the point of having masses of flesh popping out of your (overly tight) jeans and then pairing it with a barely-there shirt that does nothing but add to the confusion. Bottom line: you’ve lived in your body enough years to decide what works for you and what doesn’t, but beware the crop top.

5. See-Through Shirts: The Underwear Complex

(Photo via foxnews.com)

This year’s summery winter may have been the reason behind the sudden increase in see-through fabric. Darling, I get that your bra is expensive, but there’s absolutely no need to showcase it. And if you just can’t resist the urge to do so, then at least make sure the colors are matching. Black on black is probably the most decent alternative; there’s strictly no room for flashy colors on see-through territory. The level of transparency should be your top consideration. After all, you don’t wanna hit vulgar territory (or do you?). And here’s a pro-tip chicas: You can be super stylish and sexy without showing off a ton of skin. Yes, it’s possible.