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Nur Turkmani 09 Apr 2014

A Definitive Ranking of Man’oushe

Oh, man’ouche. Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and temperate…

In this tempting list, we have compiled our favorite manakeesh – from our least favorite (but still fantabulous) to the absolute best. Take a look.

12. Cheese and Turkey

(Photo via Facebook)

If we were talking about saj, this would be a whole other story. But turkey and cheese on the thick man’ouche dough, plus a condiment like mayonnaise/mustard/ketchup, is not the best combination.

11. Zaatar

(Photo via ifood.tv)

Don’t get us wrong – this one is pretty good. It is the god of mana’eeche – the father, the holy. But it’s so plain!

10. Kishik

(Photo via tasteofbeirut.com)

This ground mixture of yogurt and bulgur is a staple food for people that live mostly in the mountains. It is pretty good, especially with some na3na3 sprinkled on top.

9. Pizza Manouche

(Photo via herestheveg.blogspot.com)

Man’oucheh is not meant to be a pizza but hey, nothing is wrong with some cheese, mushroom, corn, and ketchup at 2,000 LL a pop.

8. Sujuk and Cheese

(Photo via chicagotribune.com)

We prefer sujuk in a more lemon-esque, pomegranate molasses (dibs ruman) atmosphere, but hell – a quick lunch of some heavy, calorific sujuk with cheese won’t do us no harm.

7. Cheese Man’ouche

(Photo via pinterest.com)

Alright, folks, now we’re doing the real talk. A fresh cheese man’ouche, preferably kashkawan, straight out of the oven tastes like heaven, especially when the cheese and oil drip gloriously from its fold.

6. Zaatar with Tea

(Photo via malekjamal.blogspot.com)

When a warm cup of tea is added to the man’ouchet zaatar mix, there is a holy unison between two worlds – that of tea and thyme. I swear to you, it’s such a relaxing, soothing combination.

5. Labneh and Zaatar

(Photo via yelp.com)

This is where you get the best of both worlds – some labneh, zaatar and oil to make things all mushy and gooood.

4. Lahm b’ajeen with Squeezed Lemons and Pepper

(Photo via tasteofbeirut.com)

The infamous “Lebanese meat pie” is one of the most amazing things you could possibly have. Squeeze some lemon on top and add some pepper. Have a cup of yogurt by your side; it’s a lip-smacking, nutritious combo, but it could spicy.

3. Cheese and Zaatar

(Photo via alforon.com)

This just makes life easier: when you’re torn between a zaatar or a cheese man’ouche, you can have the best of both worlds.

2. Galaxy and Cheese

Let’s pause for a moment of silence to honor the day this wondrous foodgasm came to be. The clash of melting, warm cheese with a dip of the smooth, chocolatey melted galaxy is nothing short of amazing.

For an instantaneous one, call Bilal Ghaliyani in Hamra. It’s life changing (thank me later).

1. The Ultimate Combo: Zaatar, Cheese and Vegetables

(Photo via tasteofbeirut.com)

Case settled. Peace out.