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Sara Samad 25 Apr 2014

Weekend Getaway in Lebanon: Visit Batroun

If you think you have to travel to Cancun or Santorini to have a nice beach vacation, you are gravely mistaken. Batroun is a gem in Lebanon. In the summer, it turns into a fantastic resort town that hosts some of the wildest nights and relaxing days. If you’re down for some fun in the sun, rethink Cabo San Lucas and head to Batroun instead.

———————————————-Getting There————————————————–

By car: Batroun is around an hour to an hour and a half drive from Beirut. However, you won’t need your car that much when you’re there as you can walk everywhere. Taxis are also widely available.

By bus: There is a bus that makes its way to Tripoli called the Connex; the bus driver will stop in Batroun for you if you ask him to. You can take the bus from the Charles Helou station near downtown Beirut.

———————————————Where to Stay————————————————–

1. Aqualand
(Image via gosawa.com)

Aqualand is a great place to stay for a weekend in Batroun, especially for families. They offer a beautiful section of the shoreline, two massive pools (one for children), great service and a guaranteed comfortable stay. (Tip: try and book on the upper floors to get a piece of their stunning views).

Batroun Old Sea Road
Tel.: +9616742741
Tel.: +9616744446
Mob.: +96176742741

2. San Stephano Beach Resort
(Image via sanstephano.com)

Attracting more of (but not limited to) the younger crowd, San Stephano is great for a getaway with a group of friends. The ground floor rooms/suites right by the pool are amazing for late afternoon beer and arguileh by the beach.

San Stephano Beach
Batroun Sea Road
Tel.: +9616740366

—————————————–Food and Drinks————————————————–

1. Diwan El Hassoun
(Image via Whereleb.com)

There’s no better way to go than a traditional Lebanese lunch. From the hummos to the tabouleh to the perfectly grilled mashewe, it’s a guaranteed scrumptious lunch – and Diwan El Hassoun, renowned for its mouthwatering Lebanese ‘sofra,’ is the place to get it in Batroun.

Chabtine, Batroun

2. Chocho’s

(Image via Gardlen)

Indulge in some excellent Mexican food after a day by the beach. Their empanadas are to die for and their music is the perfect mix of Spanish and American hits.

Main Road
Tel.: +9616740010
Mob.: +96170222446

———————————————-What To Do—————————————————–

1. Water Sports at White Beach

Don’t just lay there at the beach doing nothing all day guys, get up and do something. Whether it be jet skiing, scuba diving, wind surfing or snorkeling, White Beach offers all the water activities you could want. Also, White Beach is probably the most beautiful resort in Lebanon, it is a must-do in Batroun.

White Beach Lebanon
Tel.: +9616742404
Tel.: +9616742505
Mob.: +9613732404

2. Pierre & Friends
(Image via batrounatnight.com)

Pierre & Friends is the quintessential beach where the party is always happening. Think Mexican beach bar fused with the Lebanese sense of fun. Great parties at night, chilled out relaxing, fun times during the day.

Pierre & Friends
Seasde Road
Mob.: +9613352930

3. Open Air Party

Every summer, all the pubs and clubs in Beirut head north for one massive party. It is definitely not to be missed. Think fireworks, live international DJs, and copious amounts of alcohol. Also, Batroun hosts their annual Batroun International Festival, check it out and see if one of your favorite artists is playing during your stay.

———————————————-What To See————————————————–

The Sunset/Sunrise
(Image via static.panoramio.com)

The sunset in Batroun is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see – really, it rivals that of Santorini. Pause whatever you happen to be doing and take a moment to watch the sun set or rise. The shadows it casts and the way the water glistens really is truly surreal.

———————————————-Bonus Picks————————————————–

1. Lemonade

BEST. LEMONADE. EVER. It’s their thing. Fun fact: Batroun currently holds the Guinness World Book of Records title for creating the biggest cup of lemonade.

2. Manouche
(Image via m5.paperblog.com)

I don’t know why, but it tastes better. It’s also their thing, just go with it.