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Sara Samad 10 Jun 2014

Six Parties You Absolutely Must Hit Up This Summer

Summer is finally here! Bless its little soul, it took long enough. Everyone knows this is the best time to be in Beirut – so make the most of it and do everything. By do everything we don’t just mean sit on the beach and perfect your tan. Here are six parties you absolutely must hit up before the summer ends.

1. The Gärten

After massive success last summer, The Gärten is coming back for another season. Named by Rolling Stone Middle East as the best club in the region, the notorious pop-up party under the dome is the perfect place for those nights you feel like going a little wild. They also host some of the world’s most in demand electronic music DJs… you know, in case you needed more incentive to check this place out.

The Gärten
Next to Beirut Exhibition Center
Mob.: +96176363662

2. Electric Sundown at Iris Beach Club

(Image via Macropolis)

Who said the beach was for daytime only? Iris Beach Club has gone a little further and created Electric Sundown, an event that turns that perfect relaxing day at the beach into a massive party. Bringing in world renowned DJs to play against the backdrop of the stunning club, this party starts at 5 and ends at, well, it doesn’t…

Iris Beach Club
Damour Seaside Road
Mob.: +96171533318

3. Gardenstate

(Image via Facebook)

Gardenstate is the perfect mini-escape from the sweltering concrete jungle we call Beirut. With its “pine tree alley and actual dance floor pond,” it’s sure to make for an interesting night out. Also, the music is totally on-point.

Jisr el Wate inner road, facing Beirut Art Center
Sin El-Fil
Mob.: +96171075575

4. Decks on the Beach

(Image via Facebook)

Ok, I know these guys have been around for a bit, but, this year, they are back with a vengeance. We hear they’ve got some impressive acts lined up (hint hint: The Rapture), and really, anything at Sporting is guaranteed to be super fun. Decks on the Beach is definitely a must-go party spot.

Decks on the Beach at Sporting
Chouran Street
Tel.: +9611742481

5. The Roof at Four Seasons

(Image via Facebook)

Watching the sunset at The Roof rivals watching the sunset in Santorini. Really, go right ahead and Instagram that sh*t. It is absolutely stunning. And coupled with their mouthwatering cocktails, you’ve got yourself the perfect evening.

The Roof
Four Seasons Hotel Beirut
Minet el-Hosn
Tel.: +9611761555
Tel.: +9611761000

6. Pier 7

(Image via Gino’sBlog)

Pier 7 is taking on a whole new concept this summer. It is no longer your typical club, rather, all their events are externally organized this season. So expect some big shot acts this summer, including Paul Van Dyk. It’s gonna be a good summer guys.

Pier 7
Sea Side Road
Sea Side
Mob.: +96170697777

7. Bonus Pick: The Trainstation

Over the past year, we’ve seen the old Mar Mikhael train station transformed into a site for various events, including an art exhibit, an urban street battle, and a really cool place to party, hosting DJs like Marco Carola and Luciano. This summer, the guys from B018 are branching out to create a pop-up party venue at the train station with more big name acts. Keep an eye out for their parties, which they’ve been teasing on Instagram. It’s gonna be a wicked good time.

The Mar Mikhael Train Station
Armenia Street
Mar Mikhael