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Christina Fakhry 12 Aug 2014

Twenty Times You Felt Like Giving Up on Lebanese Girls

Lebanese girls might have whined about the Twenty Times You Felt Like Giving Up on Lebanese Guys, but in adherence to principles of justice and gender equality, we decided to give the guys a chance for payback. So here’s the 20 times you felt like giving up on Lebanese chicks.

1. When she ended her text with this emoticon

2. When this happened

3. And this…

4. When her eyebrows looked like this

(Image via Epic Fail)

5. When these ask.fm questions happened

6. When she posted the dreaded duckface selfie

(Image via Giphy)

7. When she favorited your Twitter reply but didn’t reply back

(Image via Giphy)

8. When she quoted Marilyn Monroe

(Image via Giphy)

9. When this happened

(Image via Business Insider)

10. Whenever this line was used

(Image via Facebook)

11. When she Instagramed her Louboutins

(Image via Giphy)

12. When she made useless comments about your fashion choices

(Image via Giphy)

13. When she used a Taylor Swift song as her Whatsapp status

(Image via Giphy)

14. When she cast you repeatedly into the friendzone

(Image via Giphy)

15. When she got upset and stopped talking to you for no reason

(Image via Giphy)

16. When this happened

(Image via the Ribald)

17. When she dumped you for another guy

(Image via Giphy)

18. When she took the hard-to-get game to an extreme

(Image via Giphy)

19. When she mentioned her ex 10 times in a two-minute conversation

(Image via Giphy)

20. Every time this comment was used