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Lama Hajj 26 Aug 2014

The Best Looking Presidents in Lebanon’s History

In a synchronized display of mass delusion, most Lebanese believe we live in one of the greatest nations in the world. Once in a while though, we wake up to realize that we actually don’t. In reality, our great nation is plagued with a corrupt and ineffective political system that has so many shortcomings it tends to do more harm than good. However, it is important to a look on the bright side. You know – see the glass as half full, the world as your oyster, the “you are the maker of your own destiny” outlook, and all those other fun cliches. In this case, we can rejoice in the fact that some of our presidents have been very good looking.

President Bachir Gemayel

(image via Lebanese Forces)

In fourth place, we have President Bachir Gemayel. Look at him, sitting on that rock thinking about me, twelve years before I was born. Ray-Ban lost out on a major promotional deal with this one. Notice the dimple, the boyish charm, the effortless style, he should have quit his guerilla warfare ways and joined the cast of ER.

President Fouad Chehab

(image via Fouad Chehab Website)

In third place, there is President Fouad Chehab. Despite not being typically handsome, President Chehab’s true charm lies in the fact that he is a man who is responsible for producing productive administrations and effective public services. He is also a military man, so you can make him put on the uniform for some red hot presidential role-play. An accomplished man is a sexy man.

President Elias Sarkis

(image via Chebanieh)

In second place, President Elias Sarkis. Damn, look at those eyebrows and wavy slicked back hair. I’m willing to overlook the fact that it was during your presidential term that we experienced the highest levels of external involvement, and you know, the intense lack of security and stability. But only because you have magnificent eyebrows.

President Camille Chamoun

(image via Wikipedia)

In first place, by far the best looking politician to ever grace Lebanon: President Camille Chamoun. He looks like a centerfold for GQ magazine. Honestly, I don’t know why he concerned himself with politics at all when he could have clearly landed a role as James Bond or something of that sort. Also, he loved dogs and had several throughout his life; Annie Leibovitz could have done a raunchy but tasteful photo shoot of him and one of his Labradors lying on a bearskin rug wearing a smile.