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Sahar Habboub 04 Sep 2014

Your Favorite Beirut Party And What It Says About You

Want to sip a martini in a classy atmosphere and talk about societal woes and ideological constructs? This list probably isn’t for you. Come now, scenesters, let’s talk about your favorite parties to hit up in Beirut. (No regrets.)

Decks on the Beach

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You’re into living large. Think: a rented beachfront property on the Mayan Riviera and indulging in lobster every night. Obviously, that’s not possible. But the next best thing is a chill beach party. You probably have no idea who the DJ is, and you don’t really care. You just want to drink, dance and socialize. Everyone in the crowd is going to be your BFF for life.


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This girl/guy is all stocked up on crazy and loving it.You’re still in your early 20s and trying to “find yourself” by committing to debauchery and potentially stupid pursuits, but there’s nothing like… WOOOO SHOTS!

You will spend the entire night dancing if physically possible. You urinated on a wall once after you somehow got it confused with the bathroom.

The Garten

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As far as you’re concerned, every party should involve a ton of beer, hard alcohol and a clothing-optional policy. You want bonding all around. You treat every day like it’s the first day of the rest of your life.

After the party it’s the after-party, and then the after-after-party. On the weekends you’ve heard of a thing called sleep, but you’re not entirely sure what it is, where to find it, or why anyone would want to.

The Trainstation in Mar Mikhael

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This is for people trying to imagine their 30s as the new 20s [sigh] – but it’s simply not going to work. You’re so determined to be “cool” and “hip” that you don’t mind handing over an exorbitant amount of money in an attempt to achieve it. Everything you do is premeditated, and you’re not a fan of dancing because it means you can’t ensure your hair will continue looking perfectly coiffed. Maybe you’ll engage in some mild head moves or a bit of swaying later…No? Ok.

Of course those 5-inch heels don’t exactly make you want to jump up and down.


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Board games are the sh*t, yo. Anyone who doesn’t know about these parties has been going to the wrong ones. You’re a fan of jager shots, and ending the night with a cheeseburger. You dance like nobody’s watching, and have a strong affinity for different genres of music. You’re easily pleased by bright lights and flashing objects.

It’s unlikely that you can actually solve a Rubik’s cube (who can?), but you certainly enjoy the idea of trying.

All Of the Above

You can’t just partake in ONE thing, you’ve got to do all the things! You enjoy reading classic literature, exploring the possibilities of psychedelic experience, studying anthropology and archaeology, travelling around the world on a shoestring and dating a variety of beautiful and interesting men/women.