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Sara Samad 17 Sep 2014

Twelve Things to Do Before Summer Officially Ends in Beirut

Well, the bad news is that summer is coming to an end. The good news is: there are still plenty of ways to enjoy it.

1. Momo at the Souks

This Beirut destination, nestled on the roof of the Jewelry Souk at Beirut Souks, is an Arabian wonderland with a cuisine of North African flavors incorporated into more traditional French recipes.

Have a meal in their enchanting outdoor private booths before the weather gets too cold!

Momo at the Souks
No. 7 Jeweler’s Souk, Beirut Souks
Tel.: +9611999767
Mob.: +96176700407

2. The Happy Prince

I’m not going to say it’s the best burger in Beirut because we’ve got some pretty impressive contenders. But as far as I’m concerned, it’s definitely in the top five. Also, this isn’t a restaurant you can only enjoy during the summer months. I guess what I’m trying to say here is: you should go to the Happy Prince as soon as is humanly possible, whatever the season.

The Happy Prince
Alexander Flemming Str
Mar Mikhael
Tel.: 01 569040
Mob.: 03 979 386

3. Visit Your Favorite Rooftop

A midnight rendezvous atop a rooftop bar overlooking some of the most breathtaking views Beirut has to offer? YES, PLEASE!

4. Go to Flashback Beirut

On September 28, the old Piccadilly Theatre will host an all-day event filled with fun entertainment and plenty of nostalgia. Bliss Street will be shut down down to regular traffic and restored to its former glory.

Sunday, September 28
10:00am -> 11:30pm

5. Attend Plastik Heaven at CU NXT SAT

CUNXT SAT’s last event of the summer will see Sporting transformed into a kitsch culture pop art hybrid by the team behind Lebanon’s award winning international magazine Plastik. Last time these two teamed up, there were cotton candy clouds…

Saturday, September 20
9:30pm -> 4:00am
Sporting Club

6. Hit up the Beirut Barbecue Qlub

Ain’t no film screening like an outdoor open-air cinema film screening. Also, it’s at Sporting club. What’s not to love?

7. Decks on the Beach

These parties pretty much define the summer.

8. Trainstation Mar Mikhael

The sublime outdoor venue has a hip vibe to it and cool enough ambiance (you get to drink among the ruins of Lebanon’s abandoned train station!) to qualify it as a must-try venue before it closes for the winter.

Off Armenia Street
Mar Mikhael
Mob.: +96178907090

9. The Garten

It’s tried and tested and it always comes out on top. The Garten is hands down the best place to party in Beirut. Think backyard house party with Red Bull and vodka, not to mention the incredible international DJs they fly in every Saturday. And THAT DOME!

Next to Beirut Exhibition Center
Mob.: +96176363662

10. Read Origins: A Memoir by Amin Maalouf

(Image via Amazon)

This is a semi-autobiographical work by world-renowned Lebanese writer Amin Maalouf. The book, set in the late 19th to early 20th Century in the mountains of Lebanon and in Havana, Cuba, traces the family history of Maalouf’s paternal grandfather, Boutros Maalouf, and his trek to Cuba to rescue his younger brother.

11. Read Osas Hob’s Blog

(Image via Osas Hob)

Osas Hob is a blog about lesbian love in Lebanon. It is “dedicated to telling stories of love that involve Lebanese women – with other women. Stories of finding loving, losing it, fighting for it… Stories of real people.”

12. Listen to Mother Mantra

Mother Mantra is the newest local act to hit the scene, and it is brilliant. Their newly released EP, Dissent, is a grunge-influenced masterpiece; intense and rowdy enough to lead a Lebanese-Millennial hybrid generation. They’re performing live Wednesday, September 17 at the Stock the Wood concert at AUB.