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Sahar Habboub 01 Oct 2014

Eight Types of People Who Define What It Means to Be Lebanese

On your average day, between commuting to work or heading out for drinks and dinner with your pals, (yeah this is an average day in Lebanon), you’ll undoubtedly come across one of these conspicuous characters.

So who have you met today?

The Taxi Driver

(Image via Buzzfed)

You don’t drive? Your car is in the garage? Get ready to be entertained as the taxi driver will talk off your ear with stories dating back to the Triassic period all the way up until present day politics as we know it. Stuck at a red light in your own vehicle? No one is safe from the taxi driver’s inner-most thoughts and gesticulations.

The Woman Made of Plastic

(Image via Buzzfed)

Did someone say implants, botox and lip injections? This way please…

What these ladies of the knife might not realize is that their idealistic aspirations of staying young forever, accented by thick tattooed eyebrows and bold bee-stung lips, scare the heck out of the rest of us.

The Drama Queen

(Image via Giphy)

Always the center of attention and actually believing the entire world revolves around her, everyone knows at least one Lebanese drama queen. She can make getting out of bed in the morning sound like a terrifying ordeal because her world is falling apart… basically always.

The Jagal

(Image via Tumblr)

Guys with tons of gel in their hair, shiny boots and linen, unbuttoned shirts. Yukhhhhh.

The Gangster (aka “Wazwaz”)

(Image via Tumblr)

With a sound system in his car that can transmit signals to Mars and back again, this guy always knows how to attract attention, even if it’s negative. No girl can pass by without getting her share of a whistle or a pickup line. Shou ya ashta?

The Hipster

(Image via Giphy)

“Bro check this #band out, I’m sure you haven’t heard of them before. They are #awesome!” “Oh I’m reading this book that was published back in 1785 and has only survived among 98 copies worldwide.” Meet your typical hipster, folks.They are certain no one else knows what they know.

The Aristocratic Brunch Ladies

(Image via Buzzfed)

These upper class ladies like to get all dressed up for daily brunch – yes, brunch, not breakfast – since it provides them with a good excuse to drink alcohol this early. They like to pretend to solve Lebanon’s most important social issues, but spend most of the time talking about their new puppies or problems they are facing with the maid(s).

The Party Animal

(Image via Buzzfed)

This is probably the most common type of Lebanese character. Beirut’s reputation as the party capital of the Middle East didn’t come from nowhere. The party animal always talks about being wasted, having a hangover, and having the best weekend of their life… every weekend.