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Danielle Issa 22 Oct 2014

Divvy It Up: New Eatery Promotes Shared Dining

Looking for new culinary flair in Mar Mikhael, complete with a warm ambiance, upbeat vibes, and smart service? Join me in ushering in the hip quartier’s latest entrant, Divvy, tucked behind The Happy Prince off the main drag. Divvy, literally meaning “to divide,” centers on the concept of sharing menu items with your dining partners. The restaurant’s slogan echoes this motif: “The Chinese call it dim sum. The Spanish call it tapas. The Lebanese call it mezza. We call it divvy.” So let’s dive right in and see what they’re about.

The restaurant is divided into two—an indoor area and a terrace—and seats 110 guests. Waiters are affable and present you with a postcard noting their name, hobby, and favorite Divvy dish. Our host for the evening was Ramy, a self-described surfing enthusiast, and he penciled in the Buffalo Chicken Tortilla as his dish of choice. As we were five ravenous souls seated round a round marble-top table, we took up Ramy on his recommendation along with numerous other bites.

The menu is divided thus: Veggie & Cheese, Sandwiches, Chicken, Meat, Seafood, Salads, Potatoes, and Desserts. Each section has between 5 and 10 offerings, so you’ll never be strapped for options. Just relax, allow your eyes to wander across the blown-up single-page menu, order, and wait eagerly for the parade of food to start its march across your table.

The Brie n’ Blueberry (18,500 LL), highlighted as one of Divvy’s specialties, featured cubes of breaded Brie served alongside a creamy blueberry sauce. Even in its fried state, the Brie contrasts beautifully with the sweet note of fruit coulis. The Goat and Thyme Tart (17,000 LL) is a round, oven-kissed quiche cradling thick chèvre chaud, fresh thyme, and sundried tomatoes. Admittedly not the easiest pie to share, prepare to get a little messy as it makes the rounds from one dining companion to the next.

(Crispy tortillas topped with cheddar cheese and Buffalo chicken)

In the sandwich department, the Twin Burgers (24,000 LL) count among the finest specimens of burger in town. Larger than sliders but not quite full-sized, these babies stack a thick grilled beef patty with cheddar and the works, accompanied by piping hot fries. A dish perfectly suited to 2 or 4.

If you can’t resist fried chicken tenders, you must order Divvy’s edition (12,000 LL). Six generously-sized spears of breaded chicken breast emerge with a subtle honey mustard sauce. These are gourmet fritters at their best. Craving more poulet? The Buffalo Chicken Tortilla (14,000 LL) layers boneless chicken wings slathered in BBQ sauce atop six crispy tortilla chips. Whipped sour cream on the side rounds out the platter.

For the health-conscious, the marinated teriyaki skewers (24,000 LL) come as a trio, each with three hulking cubes of glazed beef waiting to be basked in the soy bath. But there’s something extraordinary about the Asian Baked Salmon (29,000 LL), an oven-baked filet with real shiitake mushrooms and leeks that will inhibit you from divvying it up with your peers. Go ahead and hog it. We challenge you.

(Asian Baked Salmon with Shiitake mushrooms and leeks)

Desserts (13,000 LL each) will have you speechless with awe. The homemade apple pie is baked in the classic American tradition: this ain’t no tarte aux pommes or tarte tatin. The lemon meringue pie hits home with its freshly whipped meringue and tart lemon curd, and the blueberry cheesecake has just enough graham crust to hold up its silky white body. Divvy’s desserts are individual portion sizes, so don’t hesitate to ram your fork in there and claim your morsel.

There’s no doubt that Divvy delivers on taste, freshness, and quality of ingredients. We guarantee there’s not an item you won’t relish. While perhaps several of the dishes aren’t effortlessly divisible or might suit small groups better than large ones, we admire the concept and are certain that with time, its execution will be streamlined. In the meantime, kudos to Divvy for encouraging dining the way it was intended: close friends, round tables, chitter chatter, and an array of dizzyingly delicious dishes.

(The Divvy Salad with grilled shrimp, baby spinach, fried leeks, and grated Parmesan cheese)

(Traditional American apple pie)

(Lemon Tart)

Divvy Restaurant
Off Alexander Flemming Street
Mar Mikhael
Tel.: +9614911450