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Lama Hajj 29 Oct 2014

Four Shows That Gave Us Misconceptions About Dating

Growing up on a steady diet of Disney channel and Hollywood productions, I was bound to get some things wrong. Relationships and dating are at the top of the list.

What is supposed to be a romantic and special experience is more accurately described as “awkward,” “tolerable at best,” and “I can’t wait to get out of here.” Here are four shows that gave us misconceptions about dating.

Boy Meets World

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Cory and Topanga’s relationship lasted seven seasons, and then continued to thrive in the sequel series about their daughter, “Girl Meets World.” In these seven seasons and counting, they have not once told each other to shut the F up. And they have not once expressed frustration at the other person’s denim-centric lumberjack-style wardrobe.

In real life, if your relationship lasts longer than seven days, your boyfriend is bound to bring up anal sex at least twice a week.

Sex and the City

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I often wonder how many lost souls packed their bags and moved to New York City after binge watching Sex and the City episodes.

If you think moving to Manhattan is the way to have an unlimited supply of premium penis and beautiful shoes, think again. Carrie’s life of long-term relationships with handsome and established men, sprinkled with short-term relationships with also handsome and also established men, is misleading to say the least.

In the six seasons of the series’ run, Carrie had over 20 boyfriends. I don’t think any of us have met 20 people we would shake hands with, let alone date.

Gossip Girl

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This television show is actually guilty of giving misconceptions about life.

For every one person who loses their virginity in the back of a limousine, 999 people lose it in the back of a Honda Civic, parked somewhere that looks like the set of a drug deal from Breaking Bad.

The O.C.

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Before Mischa Barton turned into what resembles a homeless raccoon, she was a star raccoon on a ridiculous show called The O.C., until they killed her off presumably because… well, she still looked like a raccoon.

Anyway, before all that, Marissa (Mischa’s character) and Ryan had the type of hot and heavy relationship that two teens who come from vastly different economic classes would have. The show forgot to include the scene where Marissa’s Lebanese parents show up and force her to dump him.