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Laura Hamade 31 Oct 2014

Beirut at 2 P.M. vs 2 A.M.

Have you ever noticed how different Beirut is at 2 PM and at 2 AM? We sure have. You’d be surprised by how much faster you can get to your destination at 2 AM. It’s as if you’re in a different city.

2 P.M.:Traffic’s a bust and it literally takes double the time to get from one place to the next.

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Good luck if your AC is broken.

2 A.M.: You can roll down the windows, feel the breeze in your hair, turn up the tunes and cruise down just about any street.

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Best part is, you most likely won’t get held up behind a Sukleen truck.

2 P.M.: You can enjoy your lunch break somewhere relaxing like Ginette, Urbanista, or Paul.

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2 A.M.: Barbar is usually the go-to place for a post-midnight snack on your way home from the bar.

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Heart attack on a plate. I’ll take one, please.

2 P.M.: Barbar is usually the go-to place for a post-midnight snack on your way home from the bar.

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The streets are relatively empty.

2 A.M.: Swing by Mar Mikhael and get stuck in Beirut’s version of LA traffic.

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Enjoy overcrowded pubs and loud music, where you’ll find people on the sidewalks, drinks in hand, laughing without a care in the world.

2 P.M.: Just another day at the office, pretending to be professional and acting like you don’t have a hangover from the night before when you…

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2 A.M.: Drowned multiple shots knowing you wouldn’t remember dancing on table tops or leaving all your troubles behind at the Imagine Dragons concert.

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2 P.M.: Kids will be leaving school, causing traffic and riding around in vans with open doors.

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2 A.M.: The little ones will be tucked in bed.

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Or so we thought…

2 P.M.: You’re surrounded by noise pollution.

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Whether it’s the power generators, motorcycles, honking, or construction, you’re more than likely to get a headache if you haven’t already.

2 A.M.: It’d probably be peaceful if it weren’t for the distant fireworks and the dude that drives his scooter up and down your street.

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2 P.M.: You’re in the middle of class hopping (or skipping) and thinking about what you’d rather be doing:

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2 A.M.: Bar hopping!!

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“Cheers to the freakin’ weekend!”