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Laura Hamade 19 Nov 2014

Nine People Describe Their Worst Date Ever

For someone who’s been on her fair share of dates, it’s sad to have to admit that a majority of them have been unpleasant. However, it’s great to know I’m not alone. Whether it was a total embarrassment, an absolute worst nightmare, or just a complete fail, nine people share their disaster dates. After all, misery does love company.

“So I went to lunch with this guy and we both ordered food. Once the plates came, I started eating but he didn’t. I asked him why he wasn’t eating and if something was wrong with the food. He assured me there wasn’t anything wrong, he was just too embarrassed to eat in front of a girl on the first date. So I laughed and finished my plate and he still insisted on not eating. That was the last time I went out with him.”
– Andrea, 22

“We went to a pub one night and ordered a few beers but as we were talking I noticed she was stupid as hell. I tried to speed up the conversation as much as possible. We never went on a second date.”
– Rony Chamseddine, 22

“He wasn’t very good at English so he was checking the dictionary on his phone the whole time to look up words to say.”
– Anonymous

“I was feeling sick during our coffee date and we just so happened to bump into his family. They decided they wanted to go eat and insisted I tag along. By the time the food arrived I was extremely nauseous. I did everything I could to keep the food down and avoid vomiting on his sister’s Chanel.”
– Laura, 23

“There was this guy I went on a date with but didn’t really like all that much so I thought a kiss on the cheek would’ve been enough. When I was leaving, he went in for a kiss on the lips that I tried dodging. We ended up awkwardly bumping faces.”
– Nathalie, 21

“We went to have a beer. He’s a beautiful soul, started to talk about aspirations and goals. But he started talking nonstop about his ex-girlfriend, which made me a bit uncomfortable. I just interrupted him and excused myself to leave.”
– SerahNai, 20

“Basically I went on a date with a girl once and all she did was talk about her ex. It was the first and last date for obvious reasons.”
– Anonymous

“Well, he couldn’t stop laughing at his own jokes. He kept talking about his dog and remembering her whenever he saw anything dog-related.”
– Mira Nouaihed, 21

“We kissed on our third date and then she wanted a relationship. I stopped answering my phone.”
– Hillo, 24